Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Year Full of New Adventures

Well it's been quite the past month! It's been filled with loads of ups and downs. My mom and dad have been having the time of their life this past month in New Zealand and Australia. (you don't even have to ask, YES I'm jealous!) I guess I never realized how much I communicate and rely on my parents until they were gone. It's been fun seeing my four older sisters fill the mom roll:) I'm so lucky to have the close relationship I have with my parents. I love them so much and miss them like crazy. Can't wait to have them back home!

Well I can't keep it in much longer! I'M STARTING A PRE SCHOOL!!!! My sister Kim and I are so excited about this new adventure we're about to start. We are getting everything taken care of with the city and then we'll be good to go. We can't wait to get started. This was a huge blessing that came at just the right time. For those that know me know how much I have always wanted to be a teacher. Now that I'm preparing to get into the Early Childhood Program I'm even more excited. I've been lucky enough to have two parents who both taught. The past two years I was able to teach with my mom each week and she taught me to truly love being in the classroom. I can't wait to start this adventure with my sister, it's a dream come true.

Speaking of Adventures my missionary is well into his:) Patrick is absolutely loving Florida, no surprise there! He is making such a difference already on the people and on me. He is amazing and I'm so darn proud of him. I miss him more than ever but I wouldn't want him anywhere else! We've got one month down!! WOOO!! Can't wait for the next 23:) Keep going strong Patch! I sure do love that boy.

These are a few of the Missionaries at the MTC from Davis High School.