Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Never too Late to Celebrate~

I got an early start on the missionary packages as soon as Patch headed out, all thanks to his early birthday. Packages are some of the most fun I've had while he has been gone. They always seem to make me so happy! I get excited to send a little love his way. This was my first package. Basically a birthday in a box. It was packed to the top with (candles, cupcakes, confetti shooters, candy...lots of candy, letters, and his birthday watch!) The best part of all of this is that Patrick's birthday was on the 17th of January and this little box didn't make his way to him until the first week of February. (stupid post office) Yup I win the worst girlfriend ever award! I'm glad it finally made its way on over to him! It's never too late to celebrate.