Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy (ALMOST) Fourth of July

I LOVE making missionary packages. They get me so excited! I'm sure they make me happier than they make him, but that is completely ok:) I guess it also makes it a lot easier to be away from him on the holidays. Or secretly I get excited cause I only have to make one more 4th of July package;) I love the 4th of July, It's always been one of my favorite holidays. There's nothing more fun than parades, bbq's and fireworks on a hot summer day. So happy (almost) Fourth of July!

Family Vacation

This past week my family headed to Island Park for our big family vacation. It was so fun to have most the family with us. We sure did miss those that weren't able to make it. We had a blast driving through Yellowstone National Park. It is absolutely beautiful there. I've been there many times but it still blows my mind. The kiddos couldn't get enough of counting how many animals they saw. We were lucky enough to see so many Buffalo, Dear, Birds, Bears, and so many more. It was such a fun vacation. I love moments like these with my family. Even though it was freezing, it couldn't have been a better trip. I sure do love that family of mine. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

So much to Celebrate!

6 MONTHS DOWN! If you can't tell, I'm really excited about this! Six months ago if you were to ask me if I was nervous and scared out of my mind to have Patrick leave I would have lied and said, "Oh, no i'm so excited!!" Well the truth is I really have been excited, every step of the way. I have absolutely loved having him out there. Not only is he loving every minute of it, but I'm loving what I'm doing down here too. Life couldn't be better for either of us. I can't say enough how thankful I have been for this experience so far. I have learned so much from Patch and more importantly I've learned so much about myself. I've learned that your heart takes you in directions you never expected you would go. And that it's ok to do things by yourself. Your family is everything. But most importantly... to go after what you've always wanted. I'm grateful for the hard times because they make the good times that much sweeter. So I'm going to enjoy and celebrate these next 18 months and see where life takes me!

 *Had to take my monthly picture! I love looking back on these 
(mostly because my hair is getting SO long!)

Oh life is way to good.