Friday, February 21, 2014

The Blessing Book

My last post was a little on the negative side of things. But then again life was a whole different story a month ago and some days just weren't all sunshine and rainbows. However, today I was thinking how wonderful life really is and how all negative thoughts can be changed if only we decide to see the positive side of it. Ever since my surgery I've kept a "Blessing Book." Each night before bed I write down all the tender mercies or answers to prayers I've seen or received during that day. This has helped me stay positive during the tough moments or days were I'm not feeling my best. But it's also helped me see the love my Savior has for me and the love my family has shown me. It may seem silly but today I received such a perfect tender mercy. I decided to go for a walk on this beautiful sunny day and as I was about halfway up the street (I was thankful no one was with me) because I couldn't stop crying. I was thinking back two months ago to when I couldn't even walk. Standing took all the strength I had and even then I had to have two nurses lift me out of the bed. Soon after, just being able to take the walker down the hallway was one big accomplishment in itself and I was very deserving of a long nap. Last month I could hardly make it past five houses up the street while my dad held onto my arm. Each day these little accomplishments of being able to get one house further or putting the walker down in storage became things to celebrate. Something that was so natural and easy, such as walking was taken away from me. It shook up my world for awhile there. But today when I walked around the block I felt a little bit like I had just ran a marathon. The sun seemed to be shining a little brighter too. So today in my blessing book it's going to say, "I'm thankful I can walk." (one day when my kids read this...they will think their mom had lost it.) But truthfully I am amazed at where I was and where I am. Each day is a gift that I hope to never take for granted again. 

PS- I Love February! 

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